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Our consultants all have solid backgrounds in both commercial and residential construction/restoration on all your foundation and wall repairs. You get the benefit of experience that’s been acquired year after year, job after job.


Our portfolio includes the successful construction and restoration of  commercial buildings foundations, dams,barn wall foundation repairs or replacements, house basements walls repairs or replacement more.


Premier Gunite uses a homegrown and proprietary process for planning, tracking, and managing even the biggest construction project. We pinpoint how to deliver what your client demands.


It makes all the difference in your construction project.

Launch with the right plan
in place

Meet project milestones

Finish on time and under budget

What’s more important than a deadline? Nothing.

We love nothing more than to help our clients deliver the job when the said they would. We have a proven track record of making that happen, even under the most intense deadline pressure. Let us manage the details that trip up most big or small construction projects so that you fate isn’t with those who didn’t plan for success.

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Premier Gunite LLC

Premier Gunite LLC

Total concrete restoration. Barn walls, basement walls ,bunker walls, bridges, dams, support walls, ETC.

1 week ago

Premier Gunite LLC
Stone Foundation Repair | Barn Foundation | Stone Wall Restoration, Old Barn foundation repair. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Premier Gunite LLC
Some foundation work yesterday on a failing rock barn foundation.Tuck-Pointing with shotcrete / gunite.Stone barn foundation repair. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Premier Gunite LLC
Some Benefits of Shotcrete:So, what differentiates shotcrete placement from conventional form-and-pour construction?High-velocity placementMinimal formworkExcellent bond to existing concrete substratesAbility to more easily provide curved and tapered sectionsAll placement immediately visibleHigh Velocity The key to quality shotcrete is high-velocity acceleration and then impact of the concrete. High-velocity shotcrete equipment projects concrete from the nozzle at 60 to 80 miles/hour. The concrete then impacts the substrate (form or previously shot concrete) and is fully compacted and consolidated without the need for external vibration. This allows shotcrete to be placed vertically or overhead against a receiving surface.Minimal FormworkIn new construction, a one-sided form may be used to define the back surface of the shotcreted section. In soil-supported and underground work, no form is required. In repair, often no formwork is required. Also, since shotcrete does not impose fluid concrete pressure against the form, a much lighter form can be used. This allows constructing curved shapes much more efficiently and at a lower cost. As formwork may approach 40% of a construction project cost, this provides both time and cost savings and sustainability benefits.Excellent BondWhether using shotcrete to repair existing concrete, shooting in multiple layers to build out thicker structural sections, or shooting against construction joints, shotcrete inherently provides an excellent bond. With proper surface preparation, shotcrete can easily provide over 150 pounds per square inch (psi) tensile bond strength. This equates to a bond shear strength of 300 to 400 psi and allows the shotcrete to act monolithically with the concrete substrate. Thus, shotcrete placed in layers acts monolithically. There is no need for a bonding agent due to the high-velocity impact and inherent paste-rich environment at the bonding interface.Easily Create Curved or Tapered SectionsSince shotcrete does not need to carry the fluid pressure of concrete along the full length of a wall, much thinner and lighter forms are used. Also, a one-side form is all that is required to define the back surface application crews are shooting against. This reduced formwork makes it much easier to create curved sections. Also, since the wall is built-out from one side, it is easy to produce tapered wall sections that make the most efficient use of the concrete.Placement is Fully VisibleSince shotcrete is placed against a form or existing substrate, every cubic foot is visible during placement. An experienced nozzleman, inspector, superintendent, or project manager can continuously know whether the concrete being placed meets the compaction and encasement of reinforcement needed for structural concrete sections. Any problems experienced during placement (slugs of material, tears, sloughs) can be cut out and reshot immediately. There is no waiting until the forms are stripped days later to discover rock pockets or other issues that may occur inside double-sided form-and-pour work. ... See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

Premier Gunite LLC
With the weather finally straightening out, we are back to work. We are starting with the projects that we didn't get done last year. Unless discussed otherwise. So please bear with us. Pray for warm weather. If you have any scheduling issues; please contact Chad at 715-239-5563 ... See MoreSee Less
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“Testimonials & Reviews”

“Had Premier Granite do a 100′ barn inside and out. Chad and crew prepped and cleaned stone walls, covered windows, and wood trim around doors. Work was done in a professional manner. Price was considerably cheaper then other quotes I had. I wouldn’t hesitate using Premier in the future. Thank you James J Grunewald”

- Jeni Hughs

“From my first contact with Premier Gunite, they were professional and responsive to everything needed at the site. I had a barn foundation that was still intact, but most of the mortar had fallen out and was pretty much just rocks stacked up. Travis came out and evaluated what was needed, gave me a fair price, and got it scheduled before any collapse. Chad, Josh, and Adam made sure all work performed was quality and done to my approval. The barn should stand a long time! Premier Gunite did a great job.”

- Bob E

“Very professional start to finish. All the work was done in amazing speed without cutting corners. Travis and chad were always willing to answer any questions we had and make sure the work we wanted got done to our standards.”

Ryan Overton

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