Agriculture Service


Specializing in:
Restoration and Repair  •  Barn Walls/Foundations Basement Walls/Foundations  •  Silo Walls/Foundations
Bunker Walls/Foundations

Gunite is a mixture of sand, cement and water, which is applied with
high volume air pressure. The bond with properly cleaned concrete, brick
or stone actually is stronger than the material to which it is applied. It is
also very resistant to weather, heat and chemicals. Premier Gunite LLC has
their Gunite specially mixed to their specs.

Premier Gunite LLC has the latest Gunite Reed machines and has employees attend yearly training to give our customers the latest technology and support.

Silo Service

Quality & Delivery
We deliver defect free product in a very timely manner at the lowest possible price so that our customers are fully satisfied. This is possible because of the vast experience that we have and the high level of commitment.

To ensure very high quality we ensure that we source only
from the best suppliers who have a very good reputation. Also, within the
organization everyone works single mindedly to ensure there are no
defects. Finally, our testing and quality assurance is very strict, so if there
are any defects they are immediately identified before reaching the

Punctuality & timely delivery is the soul of our business. Timely
delivery is another important area why our customers respect us. We go
great lengths to ensure that we keep up with the time commitment. We do
not commit unless we know for sure that we can deliver on time.

 Any and All Silo Repairs

Fill Pipe
Chute Replacement
Roof – Repair / Replacement
Door Hardware
Foundation – Repair / Replacement
Hoop Re-Tensioning
Door Spreader Replacement Distributors
Chute Liners Doors – Wood/Steel Cage Re – Hooping Silo Straightening Tear – Down

•  Solid Bond to Wall  •  No Rain Weeping in
Restore your project to like New Condition

Also able to do:

New construction – buildings, tanks, domes

WATER Proofing – foundations, walls, parking garages, bulk storage silos

Reinforcements – slopes, seawalls, piers

Corrosion Protection – supports, piping

Architectural – zoos, theme parks, churches, special environments

Mining – sealing, stabilizing

Tunneling – primary support, finished linings